If you are in a business which is aimed at delivering on-site installations and fixes for your customers, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is what you could be looking for.

One of the biggest challenges for field service businesses is to provide instant support to customers with no compromise on productivity. Microsoft Dynamics Field service is specifically designed to ensure improved service team efficiency and performance round the clock.

Here is a quick rundown of specifics why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to our field service-related customers.

  • Instant Customer Service: Customer Support teams can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service to prioritize and escalate issues depending on the severity.
  • On-field engineers: technicians and engineers can effectively use the mobile version to keep tabs on their assigned work orders while zipping around.
  • Inventory/Stock managers: store managers or inventory keeper can ensure availability of the required resources to their field service providers when they perform site visits. With Microsoft Dynamics Field service, product returns and procurement of new inventory has become very rapid and simple.
  • Quick Deliveries: Delivery teams can use Microsoft Dynamics Field service to easily monitor incoming orders. With the help of universal resource scheduling feature, dispatch teams can schedule the required resources without any hassles.