We master the art of delivering business apps that help you empower your employees while staying connected to the workplace, get actual insights, increase customer engagement, and generate high ROI for your business.

Xtechly Extreme Automation Company uses state-of-the-art tools and technologies while acquiring a modular agile approach to develop smart business apps for its clientele. Starting from pre-development analysis to support, we make sure to stay ahead at each stage of software development.

Pre-development Analysis

We kick off by procuring a project specification, taking a preliminary brief, and working out everything from the scope of product to what technologies it should use and how the success of the application will be assessed.


At this stage, we conceive the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design of the app and prepare a final blueprint for the development team to move ahead to the ‘build’. To assure accurate clarity of the flow of application, we initiate a collaborative design process to involve our clients at each stage and have their consent on the final unified design.


This stage is the building phase of the design approved in the design age. The build is released internally to the testing team to identify potentials bugs. As soon as the development sprints are finished, we send the builds to the customer to perform UAT test and sign off. We continue to release software to production and ensure to test the app modules throughout the software development cycle in a recursive manner.

Post-deployment Support

We provide all kinds of post-deployment support services to our clients ranging from bug testing and maintenance updates to app upgrades and configurations. Additionally, we provide a report of recommendations for potential upgrades and performance improvements that can help your product evolve in a timely manner.